Makers 2023 Calendar

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Makers Calendar 2023

Are you confused about when to start production on your handmade products for every holiday or season? Do know when to sell your products?

Are you wondering how often to post on the various social media platforms in order to be effective with social media marketing?

Are you struggling to get your followers to engage with your brand?

Not sure what tasks to complete for your handmade business yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily? 

A maker's calendar plan is the answer to all these questions and more. It will help you plan out a schedule for when to start production of your handmade products, when to post on social media, how often to post, what tasks to complete throughout the year, and more. A maker's calendar plan also helps you keep track of important dates and events. 186 pages that can be used all throughout the year, print as you go! 


  • Calendar for each month
  • Key dates for making and selling handmade products
  • Social media ideas for each month
  • Business planner to hone in on your business goals and mission
  • Dates to remember each month
  • Daily and weekly planners to use
  • Sheet to record monthly topic ideas and keywords
  • Post a planning sheet for reference back when your posts do well
  • Daily planner with tasks set with space for new tasks
  • Social media planner and checklist to use while you plan out your post
  • Social media analytics for each month to see how your social media is performing
  • Brain dump sheet to keep your ideas



*digital download this is not a paper planner